Basics About Orange County Central Jail Complex

Orange County jail population declined substantially last year. It mirrored the statewide drop in the number inmates. According to a study published Wednesday, this is due to a controversial California Law.Public Policy Institute of California study shows that Proposition 47, which was approved by voters in 2014 and reduced certain felony theft and drugs offenses to misdemeanors with the aim of reducing prison populations, achieved its goal. It reduced the number of county inmates in California by 9 percent.

Orange County jails experienced an even greater decrease. According to the Sheriff’s Department’s statistics, the county’s average inmate count dropped by 15 percent in 2014. It went from 6,805 daily inmates in 2014 to just 5,755 in 2015. The decline in county jails follows a period of three years where county jails were facing capacity issues after AB109, another state law that shifted state prisoners to county supervision, caused county agencies to face these concerns.

Steve Kea, Orange County Assistant Sherriff, stated that “AB109 had stretched us to the breaking point.” “We literally built beds at Theo Lacy Jail, the Women’s Jail and other housing units. We were also looking to build them in two other housing areas before Prop. 47 hit. What we observed in Prop. What we saw in orange county jail.

According to the study conducted on Wednesday, Prop. 47 reduces inmate populations because it makes it much less likely that low level offenders will be jailed before a pretrial, sentenced or convicted, and/or spend a long time in jail. All of these changes together reduced the number by half of those inmates who are being held in county jails or serving time for crimes under Prop. 47 offenses.

The study examined the justice and jail systems of 13 California counties. This included Orange.The research is in line with the police reports from Orange County, who said that they were more likely to release misdemeanor criminals than to book them in county jail. Prop 47 has reclassified low-level offenses as misdemeanors. These include possession of methamphetamine and cocaine in small amounts, and theft of less that $950 worth of goods.

Many local officials have blamed the rise on Proposition 47. 47, claiming that it is difficult to lock up drug users and other low level offenders, leaving them to steal and commit the same crimes to feed their addictions. Some criminologists argue that this link is not supported in research, and that police are known to attack legislation they don’t like without proper analysis.

Kea said that demographic changes in county prisons – both caused by the reduction in low level offenders and shifting of state prisoners under county control – have changed elements of the jail system’s operation.The county can shuffle inmates as it fixes up jails. They also cut back on the GPS ankle-band program, which sentenced misdemeanor criminals to wear them instead of serving time in jail.

The Orange County sheriff’s deputy union claims that, despite the recent decrease in jail population in Santa Ana’s Central Men’s Jail, three inmates managed to escape in January. The union sued the Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in February, claiming that inmates escaped because of staff cuts, unsafe conditions in the jail and operational errors.

Understanding the basics will allow you to avoid the confusion that is often associated with the day-today experience of a prisoner. For example, you will know when visitors are allowed and what can be purchased at the commissary. You will find it easier to cope and concentrate on your situation if you remove those mental roadblocks.


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